Wednesday, March 30, 2005

NEW YORK CITY, Winter 2004
( Dec 15 - Dec 20 )

Trips to the Met and AMNH, walks on the 5th, bustle along Times Square, vertigo on Empire State, and a ramble in Central Park. Posted by Hello

SATURDAY, 18 DECEMBER: Broadway, Times Square, Fifth Avenue, Empire State Building Posted by Hello

On Broadway .. musical theatre billboards everywhere !! Posted by Hello

Meet the cast .. from the left - Sreyasi - onsite for Cognizant at Long Island, Pradipta - graduate student at Carnegie Mellon at Pittsburgh, and Souvik - onsite for Infosys at Manhattan. Note the singular lack of smiles on the faces of those who have ventured to look at the Times Square TGIF menu price columns. Posted by Hello

... and the photographer CC .. onsite for Tata Consultancy at Philadelphia Posted by Hello

My first Broadway show - the rustic and melodious Fiddler recast. Posted by Hello

Times Square by day ... The shop below the big purple hoarding is the TOYS'R'US shop - Souvik's client Posted by Hello

Far above the madding crowd  Posted by Hello

Time-lapsing in the Minskoff foyer Posted by Hello

Packed to the rafters .. if you can say that of a street Posted by Hello

Times Square is so bracing ... Posted by Hello

Minskoff Foyer Posted by Hello

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

The most expensive billboards in the world Posted by Hello

The Christmas Tree of lights, on 5th Avenue Posted by Hello

At the 86th floor of the Empire State Building - The Great White Way, and Times Square Posted by Hello

New Jersey, and the Hudson Posted by Hello

Simcity 3000 Posted by Hello

Time-lapsed on top of the world
 Posted by Hello

Duh ... Posted by Hello

At the Empire State Building restaurant. Souvik and Pradipta in a contemplative mood post mulled cider. And no .. that thingie beside me is not a Star Trek thingie but my down jacket
 Posted by Hello

The backpackers take New York Posted by Hello

A stroll down Fifth post dinner takes us past Macy's Posted by Hello

Make believe at Macy's Posted by Hello

Christmas lighting reflects from Macy's shop windows - this one depicts the movie The Polar Express Posted by Hello

Macy's - complete with rickshaws and windowshoppers Posted by Hello